Personal Training

Personal Training

Who is it for?

Great for people who have specific personal goals, or just prefer a more convenient time.

Flexi-Fit Yoga 1:1 Sessions

A Flexi-Fit Yoga 1:1 session will be tailored specifically for your needs. You may wish to target specific area of the body to increase strength and flexibility and improve your overall health and physical fitness.

Or if you’re suffering from a specific illness/injury, a 1:1 session can help you to reduce or manage your symptoms.

A Flexi-Fit Yoga 1:1 session is great for managing:

• Stress/Anxiety
• Blood Pressure
• Asthma
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Non-Specific back pain
• Knee or joint pain
• Immune System disorders

Yoga Mat

Personal Training Fitness 1:1 Sessions

A 1:1 session will be tailored specifically for your needs and requirements. Ideal for people who are just starting out on their health and fitness journey, or busy people who just need that ‘kick start’ back to a healthy lifestyle.

Are you looking for your next Fitness challenge and have a specific goal in mind you wish to work towards? If so contact Flexi-Fit to discuss your requirements.

You can guarantee each session will be varied, progressive, fun and individually tailored for you to achieve your best results!

• Personal Home workout Plan
• Full Lifestyle assessment and personalised plan
• Nutritional guidance and weekly Food Diary analysis
• 24/7 support

Yoga and Personal Training Fitness 1:1 Sessions

Per Session
Pay As You Go - £45
Block Booking (6 sessions) - £40

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